What is Teacup of Dao?

My parents flew from Ukraine and circumstances that weren't beneficial for their kids to grow up in.

So, from the age of 7, I lived in Germany. With Soviet parents.

But the interesting thing was that, despite being raised by Soviet parents, I grew up on the principles of Chinese philosophy. Mostly Daoism. Because my dad was deeply interested in East Asian philosophy and spirituality.

And these teachings stuck with me.

So much that I read the Dao De Jing for the first time when I was 12. Started practicing Tai Chi with 15. And studied Sinology with a focus on Daoism at the university.

Later, I started studying other Eastern philosophies. But the teachings of Daoism always remained my core. Now, 18 years after I first read the Dao De Jing, I still love its simple but deep lessons. It has become a big part of how I move and breathe.

So, after finally listening to my wife, who told me all the time that I should talk about it,

this is the point of finally starting Teacup of Dao.

To have a place dedicated to sharing small but transformative ideas from Eastern philosophies. Perhaps mostly from Daoism.

If we haven't met, I began writing online in 2019. A year after my degree in Sinology. A year after my wedding. And a few months before my idea of a travel blog would collapse because of a certain beer brand name.

But it wasn't until April 2020, that I allowed myself to write about a topic that was so close to my heart: The lessons from Daoism. Lessons that have shaped my life and continue to do so. It was also the first article that made its way to one of the biggest publications on Medium.

And now, with Teacup of Dao, I want to share these ideas on a more regular basis.

I am by no means an expert or a guru. Just someone who has found solace and guidance in these ancient teachings. And wants to share them with others who may also find value in them.

I called it Teacup of Dao because:

Dao (道) is the central concept of Daoism. And it has significantly influenced my path and marked the start of my philosophical journey. It stands for my (and maybe also your) beginnings.

But why a teacup?

Well, the world of Eastern philosophy can seem big and complicated.

And just as a teacup can only hold so much liquid before it overflows, our minds can only hold so much knowledge before we become overwhelmed. And lose clarity. That's why I wanted to share small ideas. And my idea was to illustrate the concept of absorbing one small idea at a time. While still experiencing a transformative and profound aftertaste of wisdom.

Teacup represents the small idea.

But not only that. You must always empty your cup to fill it again. That means letting go of old ideas, beliefs or what you think you know. And being open to new ideas and perspectives.

Lastly, I also wanted to represent the paradox of trying to understand the endless universe (Dao) within our limited human life (Teacup).

And this paradox should also show that we shouldn't take life too seriously. Since it's pointless to try to drink an endless ocean (= universe) with a teacup because we can't take in everything anyway. Yet we still do. Because why not?

Actually, this isn’t just a newsletter.

It’s an idea-based journey toward understanding the essence of life and our place within it.

I believe we don't always need many words to express deep ideas. Sometimes, a small idea is enough to enlighten our minds. That's why each issue is carefully crafted to offer deep insights from a short read (3-4 minutes). But provides wisdom that lasts a lifetime.

I explore ideas like balance, simplicity, acceptance, detachment, interconnectedness, and so much more. Hoping to help you navigate the complexities of modern life effortlessly with calm and ease.

Each issue gives you a unique blend of ancient wisdom and new ideas that will help you look at the world in a different way, make mindful decisions, and cultivate a life of balance and inner peace.

Getting a Teacup of Dao means inviting a moment of reflection and peace into your daily routine.

So, if you want to join me on this journey, let's have a teacup of Dao and explore the path of wisdom together.

One teacup at a time.

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